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Culture and diversity are essential to who we are, our shared values transcend borders, inform behaviour and empower decision making. We are a part of every property journey, and so we believe that shelter is the thread that binds us and our companies together – it’s part of our shared humanity.

It all began with Think Conveyancing and the idea that conveyancing should be more than a complex, opaque and misunderstood part of the property journey. The founders created a model where conveyancing could be explained directly to consumers, and costs could be extremely competitive. Eight years later that vision stood the test of time as the business grew to become the largest national provider of conveyancing services in Australia.


In 2020, the vision expanded, with a true belief that the conveyancing journey can ultimately become a digital solution to a very analogue industry. This expanding vision meant the hard decision was made to re-brand Think Conveyancing to We’re now a digitally lead company that provides consumers a secure, streamlined, transparent and convenient conveyancing experience that is unrivalled. With consumers changing expectations, is now ready to become the world’s leader in digital conveyancing services.

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Rapid Building Inspections (RBI) is the largest direct-to-consumer building and pest inspection company in Australia that services suburbs in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. All of RBI’s inspectors are trade experts who are trained and qualified according to Australian building and pest inspection standards. Not only does the company offer pre-purchase building and pest inspections but also methamphetamine testing, depreciation schedules, stage and handover inspections as well as dilapidation inspections.

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Currently under construction. will change the way building reports are conducted and provided to clients. It will be a digital solution to the analogue building and pest inspection industry and will work in unison with sister company

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