Deep Blue Company

Launching in 2019, is the digital solution to the analogue conveyancing industry.

Using the intellectual property obtained and developed by ThinkConveyancing, will be deeply embedded in strategic parts of the property ecosystem to provide radical transparency of the conveyancing process that has never been available before to consumers and stakeholders alike.

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Established in 2012, ThinkConveyancing is the largest direct-to-consumer conveyancing business in Australia. We have 18 offices throughout the country and are 3 times larger than our nearest competitor.

ThinkConveyancing has settled more than $9b worth of real estate transactions and is growing rapidly.

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Launching in 2019 in parallel with, is the digital solution to the analogue building and pest inspection industry.

By aligning with and with an extensive mobile workforce, we have the capability of delivering building, pest and pool inspections, and investor depreciation reports at a fraction of the typical cost.

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Rapid has become the largest direct-to-consumer building and pest inspector in Australia in less than 2 years. Service areas cover regions of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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